P&A has worked closely with the accountancy profession for many years. We do not offer Tax, Audit, or other advisory services which could be deemed a threat by an accountant and, because of this; we have an ever growing list of accountancy relationships at both a local and national level.

Accountants are seen by many of their clients as experts in business and they are often the first person they turn to for advice or if they are facing financial challenges. At P&A we provide a range of services which complement the work carried out by our accountant contacts to help a business through all stages of its financial life cycle. From helping to secure finance and managing the recovery of debts in a timely manner, through to assisting with more complex financial challenges, our offering is broad and the wealth of experience is vast.

It is inevitable that some businesses will need more than just advice relating to funding or the collection of debts. In some cases, Insolvency advice and expertise may be required. Our team of Business Recovery & Insolvency specialists will engage with you and your client, ensuring they get the right advice at the right time.

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