Business Recovery & Insolvency

P&A are one of the country’s leading business recovery and insolvency firms offering a range of solutions to distressed businesses and business owners.

When a business is in crisis, we can help. Whether it be due to unexpected short-term cash flow difficulties - such as a major client becoming insolvent, loss of a critical order, or a dispute over a major payment - or if your business has been losing money for a while, P&A can quickly work out a company’s immediate financial position and advise whether it is at risk of trading when insolvent. Additionally, we can advise a company on its legal position.

P&A has years of experience negotiating with banks and creditors. We know what they are looking for, understand what is behind their questions and know how to present the best possible case to them on behalf of your company. We also specialise in finding new sources of finance when needed.

As a director, it is normal to be emotionally involved in your business; it is also stressful fire-fighting and juggling the demands of creditors while looking for new business and sorting out finances. Directors find it a huge relief to share the problems and have someone on their side helping to work out a solution.

Our team of insolvency specialists are licensed Insolvency Practitioners and have years of experience working with businesses in financial difficulty.

Our specialists recognise the amount of pressure on directors when trying to navigate through difficult financial problems. It is imperative to contact a licensed Insolvency Practitioner in order to maximise the number of options available to the company at the early stages of financial difficulty and to increase the chance of business survival.

By contacting our insolvency specialists at an early stage, businesses have an increased chance of being able to continue to trade with the implementation of an insolvency procedure that protects the company from its creditors and maximises the chances of recovery.

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